Learn to soar.

Chrysalis Aerial Academy was founded to provide a space for students where growth of body and mind can be stimulated through circus arts instruction.  This is a space where anybody with the determination to succeed can learn this challenging art form regardless of factors that may seem limiting to them. 

No matter your age or body type, YOU can begin your metamorphosis with Chrysalis Aerial Academy. Take the first step to growing your wings and flying beyond your limitations. 



The Academy was founded in October 2016 by instructor, Caitlin, after she moved to the area from Los Angeles. She grew up in Southern California and studied aerial arts there for over four years.

Once she moved to Oregon there were not any circus gyms within an hour of her new residence. She taught some private and semi-private silks lessons in California and found it to be very rewarding so she decided that she wanted to open a circus academy. Crossfit Mount Hood opened their doors to her idea and Chrysalis Aerial Academy was born!

Since then, an incredible community of artists and athletes has formed and continues to grow with the mutual goal of changing people's lives for the better by nurturing personal expression and self- care through circus arts.