Single Drop- in 90 min Class : $20.00

Drop- in Class Bundles:

3 Class Introductory Offer

(First time clients only) : $40.00

6 Classes: $110.00

12 Classes : $215.00

Please note: Class Bundles apply to all regularly scheduled classes but do not apply to series classes.

Series Classes:

Kid’s Aerial 101 8 Week Series


To purchase classes and memberships please visit our scheduling page and make an account on our Schedulebliss site. 


Private Classes

We have varying gym- availability for private classes primarily on Saturdays and Sundays. Please e-mail us at chrysalisaerialacademy@gmail.com for booking and scheduling information. 

Standard 60 minute private lesson:

1 person: $40.00

2 people: $75.00

3 people: $100.00