Q: What should I wear to class? 

A: Full length leggings are ideal. Yoga pants or other work-out pants that reach all the way to your ankles will also work fine. Any top that you are comfortable sweating in should be suitable. Shoes and socks are not necessary for class, we practice aerial barefoot. Please do not wear any metal jewelry or zippers that might get caught or snag the aerial fabric. 

Q: Can kids sign up for classes?

A: At this time our classes are more geared toward adults however we do integrate younger students 15 years and up to join us.  We are also beginning an 8- week aerial 101 series for kids ages 8-14, starting in mid January. The legal guardian of the underage student must be present for the firsts class to fill out a waiver. Space is limited, visit our scheduling page to register. Please email at to inquire about classes. 

Q: Do I need to be young and in shape to do aerial? 

A: No! Come as you are! Aerial happens to be one of the best ways to make you feel young and get into shape! Begin your metamorphosis! However, if you are suffering from any ailments please consult your doctor before signing up! We encourage students to take it at their own pace and always "listen to their bodies."

Q: Is it safe? 

A: Just like any other activity where height (15ft in our case) is involved, there is some risk. However, we do everything in our power to make it as safe as possible by having proper rigging equipment, regular equipment inspections and maintenance, crash-pads as well as an instructor ready to thoroughly guide and spot you during class. To help us to keep you safe please review and follow our policies listed below. 



1.) As a courtesy to the instructor, please register for classes at least six hours in advance. If you need to cancel, please do so at least six hours in advance to avoid being charged. If there are fewer than two students signed up online, the class will be canceled and the students will be promptly notified and their class credits returned to their account. 

2.) Please avoid wearing any sharp or metal items in class that could get caught on the silks or equipment. This includes jewelry, zippers, studs and excessively long or pointy finger nails.  These items can catch and cause harm to both you and the equipment. 

3.) Do not student- teach. The instructor and Chrysalis Aerial Academy are liable for any accidents that may happen and we are trained to prevent them. Just because you know how to perform an aerial move does not mean that you know how to safely teach it. Please leave the teaching to the instructor.